Transformative Gift: MacKenzie Scott’s $2.5 Million Fuels Early Milestones Colorado’s New Impact on Equity Fund

Transformative Gift: MacKenzie Scott’s $2.5 Million Fuels Early Milestones Colorado’s New Impact on Equity Fund

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Early Milestones Colorado (Early Milestones), a statewide nonprofit organization that works to ensure Colorado leads the way as the best place to be a child, is honored to announce a $2.5 million unsolicited donation from philanthropist MacKenzie Scott. This generous gift serves as a testament to Early Milestones’ impact on the early childhood sector since its inception in 2015.

Early Milestones is using the gift to launch the Impact on Equity Fund. The fund will support community solutions to inequities in early childhood. The Impact on Equity Fund will invest in innovative, proactive community efforts and will accelerate systemic change based on what works. A hallmark of their approach, Early Milestones will collaborate with local and state stakeholders to leverage pooled resources and ensure the latest research and innovative practice result in policy change.

In Q1 2024, Early Milestones will announce the first priority for the fund. Early Milestones invites parents, practitioners, philanthropists, foundations, corporations, and changemakers to join this transformative journey to co-create the largest impact on equity that can only be achieved through collaboration. “By working together, we can create a ripple effect that transcends individual initiatives, fostering a systemic transformation to support the present and future of countless children in Colorado,” said Early Milestones Executive Director, Jennifer Stedron.

Since its inception, Early Milestones has spearheaded collaborative funding initiatives dedicated to advancing solutions to priority issues including early childhood mental health and the workforce. As an intermediary, Early Milestones consistently engages in cooperative efforts, contributing significantly to achievements at both local and state levels. Their impact extends across all 64 counties in Colorado, delivering research, technical assistance, and valuable insights while influencing policy changes to scale their effect.

Early Milestones has been pivotal in nurturing private-public partnerships, disbursing over $35M in public and philanthropic funds over the past eight years. Building on this wealth of experience, the new Impact on Equity Fund emerges after years of attentive listening and learning. This fund is poised to leverage insights from the field, propelling systemic change to benefit young children and their families.

“We are honored and grateful to receive this game-changing contribution,” said Elaine Grossman, Board Chair of Early Milestones Colorado. “These funds will allow us to expand our reach and impact for systemic change. With this gift, we will strengthen our efforts to make Colorado the best place to be a child.”

For more information on engagement and contributing to the Impact on Equity Fund, please fill out this form.

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Early Milestones Colorado is an is an independent 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to propelling innovative solutions that enhance policies and practices in early childhood development. Founded in 2015, we work with state and local partners to exchange data and ideas, share resources, and create lasting, positive change so that Colorado leads the way as the best place to be a child.