2020 Hot Topics

Read Early Milestones’ briefs on the following hot topics for 2020:


Ideal Learning in Colorado

This Early Milestones report explores the real and perceived barriers to a broader adoption of Ideal Learning models (e.g., Montessori and Tools of the Mind) in the state’s pre-kindergarten through third grade systems, as well as opportunities that can be leveraged to expand the use of these models statewide.

Jeffco Bright Futures Roadmap

Developed in 2019, the Jeffco Bright Futures Roadmap reflects a shared community vision to best support Jefferson County’s children, prenatal through age eight, and their families.

I.    Jeffco Bright Futures Roadmap
II.   Appendix A: Steering Committee & Operations Team Roster
III.  Appendix B: Share and Connect Key Themes
IV. Appendix C: Cost Estimates

Transforming the Early Childhood Workforce in Colorado

The first year of Early Childhood Workforce Innovation Grants is complete. Read the annual report summary to learn how our grantees are improving equitable opportunities, working conditions, recruitment, and retention for Colorado’s early childhood professionals.

Planning to Prevent Child Maltreatment

Read the progress report detailing the initial local planning champions’ work across 19 Colorado counties.

2019 Full-Day Kindergarten Outcomes

Read Early Milestones’ fact sheet on full-day kindergarten, prepared during the 2019 legislative session.

Looking to the Past to Shape Colorado’s Future:
30 Years of Progress for Young Children and Families

Read Early Milestones Colorado’s expansive and in-depth report on progress made in Colorado’s early childhood systems over the past three decades.

I.    Executive Summary
II.  Looking to the Past to Shape Colorado’s Future report
II.  Lessons Learned and Policy Considerations

Birth to Eight Roadmap Phase II: Implementation Planning

Click here to view the Birth to Eight Roadmap Phase II: Implementation Planning

I.    Birth to Eight Roadmap
II.   Roadmap Theory of Change
III.  Detailed Action Plans, Definitions, Core Values and Components for Rec’s 1,3, and 9
IV.  Map of Bright Spots Resource Hubs
V.   Roadmap Partner Lists (Steering, Planning, and Executive Committees and Work Groups)

Early Childhood Communication Efforts in Colorado

Read the complete report.

Birth to Eight Roadmap

Click here to view the Birth to Eight Roadmap.
Birth to Eight Roadmap Appendices

I.      Source Documents (Denver Plan 2020, Early Childhood Colorado Framework, Mayor’s Goals for Youth)
II.     The Denver Landscape Maps and Data
III.    Education Counsel Academic Research
IV.    Denver Landscape Analysis
V.     Boston Site Visit Learning Agenda and Trip Report
VI.    Denver Public Schools Early Literacy 2020 Plan
VII.   Birth to Eight Roadmap Steering Committee Members
VIII.  Birth to Eight Advisory Committee Members

Colorado Data

By the Numbers

State and county-level data on child well-being “2016 Kids Count in Colorado.” Colorado Children’s Campaign.

Read the complete report.

Assessment of the needs and resources in Colorado communities across early learning, family, health and mental health “2011 Colorado Early Childhood Needs Assessment.”

Read the complete report.

Colorado Governance and Alignment

Early Childhood Leadership Commission

Advancing the alignment, coordination and efficiency of early childhood programs and services.

Learn more about the Early Childhood Leadership Commission (ECLC).

Early Childhood Colorado Framework

An update of the original Framework to reflect the current early childhood context, investments and initiatives in Colorado.

View the updated Early Childhood Colorado Framework.

Science of Early Childhood

A Biodevelopmental Framework

The science behind “How Early Experiences Get Into the Body: A Biodevelopmental Framework.” Harvard Center on the Developing Child.

View the framework.


Colorado Early Childhood Landscape

A compilation of data and statistics about the Colorado early childhood landscape from The Hunt Institute.

Return on Investment

The benefits of investing in early and equal development of human potential “The Heckman Equation.”

Learn more.

Systems Building

The “what” and the “how” of state early childhood systems “A Framework for State Leadership and Action in Building the Components of an Early Childhood System.” BUILD Initiative.

Read the complete report.

Policy Framework

Policy areas essential for the healthy growth and  development of young children “Alliance for Early Success Policy Framework.”

Learn more about the Alliance and its approach to policy.

Focus on Health

Healthy Children, Healthy Communities

Time to Act: Investing in the Health of Our Children and Communities. Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Commission to Build a Healthier America.

Read complete report.

Infants and Toddlers

Focus on the Early Years

Focus on the early years “Putting the Pieces Together for Infants and Toddlers. ZERO to THREE.”

Read complete report.

PK-3 Transitions

Innovative Approaches

PK-3 – What Is It and How Do We Know It Works? Foundation for Child Development. Read complete report.

A vision for PreK-3rd grade approaches to improve children’s learning opportunities: Framework for Planning, Implementing, and Evaluating PreK-3rd Grade Approaches. Kristi Kauerz, University of Washington.

Read the Framework.