It’s Time to Address Inequities Facing Mothers and Babies of Color

“When it comes to how mothers and their infants fare in pregnancy and delivery, race—or, more precisely, racism—matters.” 

from Maternal and Child Health Inequities Emerge Even Before Birth


The health and well-being of mother and baby are so tightly connected and inequities impact both.

A new report from Zero to Three highlights racial disparities among infants and mothers. Some of the largest gaps are found in prenatal care, preterm births, low birthweight, and mortality.

Past and existing policies have limited access and options for Black, Indigenous, and other people of color. Research shows that racism contributes to chronic stress and affects overall health. We must address factors like racism and multi-generational trauma that impact outcomes for mother and baby.

Zero to Three offers policy options to improve racial gaps in health outcomes. These changes aim to ensure equitable access and extend supports to families of color.

Let’s work together to carve a path forward to greater equity.

Read Zero to Three’s special report.