LaRae Renz


Accounting Manager

LaRae serves Early Milestones as the Accounting Manager. Previously, she was the Accounting and Finance Coordinator, focusing on accounting and compliance for the CIRCLE Grant Program. LaRae taught first grade for several years before returning to her first passion of accounting. Before Early Milestones, LaRae worked as an Accounting Technician for the Department of Energy and an Accounting Clerk for Wyoming Medical Center. She is blessed to have found her dream position, which allows her to combine her accounting knowledge and love of early childhood.

LaRae holds a bachelor’s degree in elementary education and is pursuing her bachelor’s degree in accounting.

LaRae lives in Wyoming with her husband, Jon, and their sons, Zachary, Isaac, and Eli. In her free time, she enjoys several activities, including camping with her family, horseback riding, cleaning, reading, and playing piano. She also enjoys spending time with all her family’s animals, especially her rescue dogs.

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