Quality pre-kindergarten (pre-K) increases school readiness.

Pre-kindergarten (pre-K) helps Colorado children increase their chances for success; efforts to boost access, quality, and equity will help even more children.


Early Milestones is supporting an effort to develop policy recommendations on the future of preschool. A community-driven process convened by the Colorado Children’s Campaign is engaging families, providers, schools, and others. Early Milestones is assisting with data, research, and policy insights to develop a vision for preschool policy changes. We are also leading community conversations around preschool and other early care and learning issues currently impacting families.

2020 Hot Topic: Pre-K in Colorado

This Early Milestones issue brief explores benefits and best practices for quality pre-K in Colorado. We also look to the Colorado Preschool Program and the Denver Preschool Program as positive examples of targeted and universal programs (respectively), share proven standards for success, and identify needs for implementation.


This is a strategic initiative of Early Milestones Colorado. We thank the Legacy Institute for project-specific support and the many foundations that provide general operations support.