Weld County Project LAUNCH

Weld County was awarded a Project LAUNCH grant from SAMSHA to infuse mental health supports into programs serving young children and their families, as well as improve coordination across local organizations. Learn More

ECMH Environmental Scan completed

Rose Community Foundation and Caring for Colorado publish “Early Childhood Mental Health in Colorado: An Environmental Scan of Challenges, Progress, and Recommendations for the Social and Emotional Health of Colorado’s Children.” Learn More

Colorado Project LAUNCH begins

Funded by SAMHSA, Colorado Project LAUNCH was led by the OEC in and CDPHE. Early Childhood Partnership of Adams County was selected as the local implementation community. The effort worked to increase quality and availability of evidence-based programs for children and families, improve collaboration among child-serving organizations, and integrate physical…

State Innovations Model (SIM) grant awarded

The Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Innovation awarded Colorado up to $65 million to test its State Innovation Model (SIM). The goal for Colorado’s SIM was to integrate physical and behavioral health care services in coordinated community systems, with value-based payment structures, for 80% of state residents. Learn More

Early Childhood Screening & Referral Policy Council created

Supported by CDPHE, the Council’s goal is to unify appropriate public and private state leaders to identify and implement policy and system changes that ensure all young children receive appropriate developmental screening, and if needed, referral and access to appropriate services. Learn More

Young Minds Matter roadmap published

The Colorado Children’s Campaign, Children’s Hospital Colorado, and the Colorado Children’s Healthcare Access Program released a roadmap for strengthening mental health services for children in Colorado. Learn More