Founding Leadership Team

In 2014, several foundations provided financial support and participated in the process to design and launch Early Milestones Colorado. Our founding leadership team is composed of the following early childhood funders and experts.

Anne Anderson

International Social Impact ConsultantFormer Director of Early Childhood Development, The Ben and Lucy Ana Walton Fund of the Walton Family Foundation and ZOMA Foundation

Letty Bass

ConsultantFormer Executive Director, Merle Chambers Fund

Elsa Holguín

President & CEO, Denver Preschool ProgramFormer Senior Program Officer, Child & Family Development, Rose Community Foundation

Sarah Park

Community Systems Lead, Wend CollectiveFormer Director of Education, The Denver Foundation

Cindy Schulz

Former Executive Director, Cydney and Tom Marsico Family Foundation

Jennifer Stedron

Executive Director, Early Milestones ColoradoFormer Consultant

Susan Steele

President & CEO, Buell Foundation

Past Board Members

Anne Anderson

International Social Impact Consultant

Letty Bass, Past Secretary


Elsa Holguín, Past Chair

President & CEODenver Preschool Program

Laura Love

Founder and Chief Cultural OfficerGround Floor Media

Fernando Martinez

CEOSan Luis Valley Behavioral Health Group

Will McConathy


Rico Munn

SuperintendentAurora Public Schools

Cindy Schulz

Former Executive DirectorCydney and Tom Marsico Family Foundation

Susan Steele, Past Treasurer

President & CEOBuell Foundation

Timothy Wolf

PresidentWolf Investments, Inc.

History of Early Childhood Systems in Colorado

Learn more about progress made in Colorado’s early childhood systems over the past three decades through Early Milestones Colorado’s expansive and in-depth report, Looking to the Past to Shape Colorado’s Future: 30 Years of Progress for Children and Families.