All children in Colorado deserve to be healthy and thriving

Colorado has committed to building an early childhood system that ensures all children are able to thrive. Equity is at the center of this ambitious goal. Yet to achieve equity, we must first know where disparities exist among the youngest Coloradans. Race and ethnicity shape many aspects of children’s lives, from where they live to the languages they speak. But how well does the state deliver on its vision to enable all these diverse children to thrive?

The Goals of the Project

In terms of equity among young children in Colorado, Early Milestones will explain both the “what” and the “why.” We will investigate where racial and ethnic disparities exist, as well as what can be done to address them. The goal of this work is to inform efforts to better meet the needs of all children across the state. We plan to focus on children’s outcomes in the following domains:

  • Health
  • Early Care and Learning
  • Family Financial Well-being
  • Child Welfare

New Report! Young Children's Health and Health Care Equity in Colorado

Our first findings from the National Survey of Children’s Health are now available. This new report examines health and health care inequities between white and Latino children between 0 to 8 years old in Colorado.

Research Webinar: Examining Latino Children's Health and Health Care in Colorado

In this webinar, Dr. Laura Freeman Cenegy, Senior Researcher at Early Milestones, presents findings from the first part of The Racial Equity Project. Dr. Freeman Cenegy is joined by panelists Annie Lee, President and CEO of Colorado Access, and Julissa Soto, Founder and CEO of Latino Health Equity Consulting. Available in Spanish.

The National Survey of Children's Health Data Release

The latest data from The National Survey of Children’s Health, including screener and topical data and input files, special geographic files, and an interactive data query.


This work was made possible by grant funding from Gary Community Ventures.