Ensuring that FFN caregivers are recognized, supported, and integrated into early childhood system improvement efforts

Family, friend, and neighbor (FFN) child care providers serve children and families across Colorado. As FFN child care providers serve working families, they support our economy and play important roles in the lives of young children.

Building upon previous work in partnership with Mile High United Way and the Butler Institute for Families, Early Milestones is interviewing FFN providers and those who support them to better understand how FFN voices can influence Colorado‚Äôs early childhood system. This effort also aims to uncover how the system can be more inclusive of and better support the critical role FFN serve for Colorado’s children, families, and economy.


The Colorado Context

of providers feel they do not have adequate access to PPE
Mile High United Way FFN Survey, 2020

of providers need additional materials to support play and learning
Mile High United Way FFN Survey, 2020

of providers incurred additional costs during COVID-19
Mile High United Way FFN Survey, 2020


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