(Video courtesy of the Butler Institute for Families.)

Goals & Community Learnings


All families with children prenatal through age 8 in Pueblo County will have access to family strengthening services and community supports for multi-generational positive social-emotional health.


Unite community partners and families in a collaborative network to ensure that all of Pueblo’s children prenatal through age 8 are valued, healthy, thriving, and prepared for success in school and life.

Lessons Learned

  • Power of trauma-informed care. It is important for a wide range of programs and initiatives to understand and address the effects of past trauma and work to prevent future trauma.
  • Flexible and representative leadership drives implementation. Partners must be willing to self-reflect, accept external feedback, and be open to transforming organizational processes in the service of shared goals.
  • Payment reform is necessary. Until changes to public funding models (i.e., Medicaid) are made, efforts toward collaborative prevention and health promotion strategies will turn to philanthropic sources. As these sources are unreliable as long-term options, public funding allocations for early childhood mental health programs are needed to promote sustainability across the sector.
  • Community engagement must be culturally responsive. Service providers need to demonstrate an authentic commitment to continuously listen, reflect, and honor cultural differences.

Next Steps

  • The Maternal and Child Health Action Plan being developed by PDPHE in 2021 will be supported by the Community’s system alignment and collaboration efforts. 
  • Through strong relationships, Community partners are well-positioned to respond to future collaborative funding opportunities.
  • Based on lessons learned from responding to COVID-19, Community partners are committed to meeting families where they are and directing services to those most in need.
  • Building upon existing relationships, the Community is exploring ways that services can be delivered with even greater collaboration. 
  • Partners will continue outreach to further engage schools and health care providers.


Community Partners

  • Catholic Charities Diocese of Pueblo
  • Children First
  • Pueblo Child Advocacy Center
  • Health Solutions
  • Pueblo Department of Public Health and Environment (PDPHE)
  • Pueblo County Department of Human Services (PCDHS)
  • St. Mary Corwin Medical Center—Southern Colorado Family Medicine