(Video courtesy of the Butler Institute for Families.)

Goals & Community Learnings


Every child, family, and provider in Southwest Denver is emotionally and socially flourishing in relationships and environments that nurture their hearts, minds, and bodies.


Build a resilient, trauma-informed community network of parents, providers, and programs throughout Southwest Denver who are responsive to the social-emotional needs of young children, their families, and the champions who serve them.

Lessons Learned

  • Multiple layers of support provide powerful impact. ECE sites that receive various methods of support are better able to meet needs in a timely and efficient way.
  • Embedding social-emotional learning coaching strengthens sustainability. Ongoing social-emotional learning coaching provides valuable capacity building for ECE sites to support children’s social and emotional health.
  • Social-emotional skill building yields results. Focused tools and strategies help providers and caregivers to address challenging behaviors, teach essential skills, and build stronger relationships between the classroom and home.
  • Successful mental health consultation depends on relationships. Engaging ECE sites with multiple mental health consultation outreach strategies builds knowledge and trust.

Next Steps

Additional investment and strategic support will be needed to achieve truly coordinated systems and successful outcomes. Community partners continue to work toward ensuring:

  • Safe, supportive, and nurturing environments;
  • Access to quality ECE, primary health care, and mental health services;
  • Developmentally and culturally appropriate, high-quality learning experiences
    for all children;
  • Strong relationships between families and ECE providers;
  • Strong connections between caregivers and children; and
  • Self-care and mental health support for caregivers and families.


Community Partners

  • Clayton Early Learning 
  • Denver Children’s Advocacy Center
  • Denver Health
  • Denver Great Kids Head Start
  • Denver Human Services 
  • Denver Public Health
  • Denver Public Schools, Early Education, & Child Find
  • Denver’s Early Childhood Council 
  • LifeSpan Local
  • Mental Health Center of Denver
  • Rocky Mountain Human Services
  • Roots Family Center