Cavity Free Kids curriculum designed

Healthy Child Care Colorado created the Cavity Free Kids supplemental curriculum to be used in early care and learning settings and home visiting programs that promotes healthy oral habits. Learn More

Legislators broaden hygienists’ capabilities

When signed into law, House Bill 15-1309 (Protective Restorations by Dental Hygienists) allowed dental hygienists to place interim therapeutic restorations (ITRs) and authorized Medicaid and CHP+ to reimburse for this service delivered via telehealth supervision.

Delta Dental launches Cavities Get Around

Cavities Get Around, a bilingual public will-building campaign, was created to raise awareness of the importance of baby teeth and having children drink only water between meals and at bedtime. Learn More

CDA initiates Take Five Bonus Program

Colorado Dental Association’s (CDA) Take Five Bonus Program incentivized dentists to see Medicaid patients by covering the costs of enrollment, training staff, and learning billing systems. Learn More

Bright By Text adds oral health messaging

New oral health messaging was added to Bright By Text communications with pregnant people. This content focused on their current health and provided useful information for after their child was born. Learn More