A Wise Investment

The research is clear.  Investments in early childhood – prenatal through age eight – pay off through higher achievement in school, improved health and well-being, increased workforce productivity and higher lifetime earnings. Children’s brains rapidly develop during the early years as experiences and relationships lay the foundation for future success. Every child develops differently within the context of his or her family and environment.

Every dollar invested in quality early childhood returns 7 to 10 percent to society every year…

Every dollar invested in quality early childhood returns 7  to 10 percent to society every year over a person’s lifetime. Investing in human capital helps prevent the achievement gap and realize savings through reduced spending for remedial programs in K-12 education, unemployment, criminal justice and welfare and teen pregnancy. All of us are impacted if children’s potential isn’t unlocked.

Source: James Heckman, Nobel Laureate in Economics

Milestones is committed to leveraging resources in Colorado to support optimal early childhood development. We promote wise investments in effective and sustainable work so that all children are prepared to thrive.