Restarting K-12 Schools Is Difficult Enough — Without Good Data About Their Students, It’s Much Harder for Pre-K. States Must Do Better

The 74 Million | Elliot Regenstein and Chris Strausz-Clark

“When K-12 leaders think about restarting after COVID-19, they take for granted that they will know which children were enrolled in which schools and how those children were doing academically. In early learning, we don’t have a comprehensive picture of which children were enrolled in which programs, and even less sense of how those children were doing.”

Re-opening schools will be an extraordinary challenge after the coronavirus pandemic has passed, but that process will look very different in the early care and learning sector, where comprehensive data is hard to come by. This article from The 74 Million points out the difference between early education and K-12 systems, and why it is critical for policymakers to prioritize supportive data systems to make sure all children are kept on track.

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