Report: Deck Stacked Against Young Children of Color, but Leaders Can ‘Seize This Moment’ to Improve Equity

The 74 | Linda Jacobson

“Child advocates have a larger and more daunting task ahead in a post-COVID-19 world… Intentionally focusing on policies, practices, and investments that support more equitable systems for our youngest learners is a starting point.”

A new report from the Children’s Equity Project at Arizona State University and the Bipartisan Policy Center emphasizes the challenges that early childhood professionals face in addressing equity issues during and after the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition to the report, Start with Equity: From the Early Years to the Early Grades, the Children’s Equity Project is hosting a series of webinars.

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The image shows that special needs children’s access to regular classrooms varies across states. (Children’s Equity Project and Bipartisan Policy Center)