Return to Work? Not With Child Care Still in Limbo, Some Parents Say.

The New York Times | Claire Cain Miller “As the Delta variant spreads, many parents of young children — those under 12 who cannot yet be vaccinated — say they’re unable to return to workplaces or apply for new jobs as long as there is uncertainty about when their children can safely return to full-time…

The Pandemic’s Toll: National Test Scores Show Progress Slowed, Gaps Widened

Chalkbeat Colorado | Matt Barnum  “Younger students saw some of the biggest declines, as did students attending high-poverty schools. That means the pandemic widened pre-pandemic test score gaps by race and economic status.” According to new national data, the pandemic that has disrupted schooling also slowed progress in math and reading for millions of U.S….

We Have Lost Our Minds When It Comes To Early Childhood Education.

Forbes | Peter Greene “Even if one feels the need to focus on data and numbers and value, the science is there to show that play brings measurable, quantifiable benefits for children.” William Doyle and Pasi Sahlberg both stress the advantages of continuing children’s play in classroom settings, especially for children at a young age….

Study Underlines the Economic Importance of Early Childhood Education

Marketplace | Sabri Ben-Achour, Chris Farrell, & Erika Soderstrom “If you want to build a more equitable society, then investing more, a lot more, into early childhood education targeted at vulnerable lower-income children is the way to go.” Chris Farrell, the Marketplace senior economics contributor, claims that a more equitable society comes from investing more…