Hot Topic: Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation


Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation (ECMHC) connects social-emotional development experts with early educators, health care providers, and others who work with young children. Positive mental health provides a foundation of stability that supports all other aspects of healthy development.

Why ECMHC matters

Children’s ability to thrive is impacted just as much by their social-emotional development as it is by their physical development. Positive experiences and loving relationships create the foundation for a lifetime of strong mental health, and families know this. In a 2019 survey, 52% of Colorado parents rated early childhood mental health as “very important” or “extremely important.” ECMHC is a service provided to adults to build their knowledge to support children’s healthy social-emotional development.

A major stressor to the early childhood workforce is challenging behavior. Turnover rates for early educators can be as high as 40% with nearly 30% of early educators saying children’s challenging behaviors are a major concern. ECMHC is a proven resource for retaining the early childhood workforce by providing guidance on challenging behaviors.

Demand is growing. Recent data indicates 25% of all mental health emergency room visits in Colorado are by children. Prevention is less expensive, yet it is estimated that Colorado has less than 15% of the early childhood mental health consultants needed to support early educators alone.

Learn what next steps must be taken for early childhood mental health consultation in the complete Milestones brief.

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