As Pandemic Eviction Moratorium Ends, Households with Children Face Greater Risk of Homelessness

ChildTrends | Sara Shaw, Chrishana M. Lloyd, & Marta Alvira-Hammond

Some states are moving to end, or have already endedstate-sanctioned pandemic eviction moratoria or the enforcement of federal eviction moratoria. For instance, Texas (where 20% of households with children are behind on their housing payment, and 28% report little or no confidence in making their next payment) ended enforcement of federal eviction protections as of March 31.

Eviction protection that began with the 2020 CARES Act, enforced differently in each state, has resulted in 1.55 million less filings during the crisis. As the federal protection against seeing families evicted comes to an end, ChildTrends has identified families with children being at greater risk of eviction.

Read the ChildTrends brief.