All families with children prenatal through age 8 in Pueblo County will have access to family strengthening services and community supports for multi-generational positive social-emotional health.


Unite community partners and families in a collaborative network to ensure that all of Pueblo’s children prenatal through age 8 are valued, healthy, thriving, and prepared for success in school and life.

Community Partners

  • Catholic Charities, Diocese of Pueblo
  • Children First/Pueblo Early Childhood Council
  • Colorado BlueSky
  • Health Solutions
  • Pueblo Child Advocacy Center
  • Pueblo County Department of Social Services
  • Pueblo County Health Department
  • Pueblo Triple Aim
  • St. Mary-Corwin Health Foundation


  • Community & Family Engagement. Build community engagement around the importance of early childhood development with a two generation social and emotional health focus to improve the well-being of children prenatal to eight years of age and their families.
  • Access, Screening, & Referral Coordination. Increase Pueblo County’s access to and use of evidence-based screening, assessment, and referral practices and policies, across various sectors of the community.
  • Workforce Development. Build an early childhood workforce development infrastructure that develops a systemic approach to provide consistently effective early childhood and social-emotional programming that promotes collaborative training and resource sharing.

population & geographic focus


Children prenatal through age 8 and their families living in Pueblo County.

Geographic Focus Map